A special day

It's really a special, very special day, the day of the harvest. In fact, on this day, family and friends come to the vineyard to harvest the Moscato di Scanzo grapes, with a division of tasks worthy of the best organizations.

The harvesting of the grapes from the vines is open to everyone, young and old, while the youngest and most attentive people transport the crates full of grapes, climbing and descending steep stairs and steep slopes. No mechanization! Those less captivating are collected on a flat ground and provide for the selection of the bunches that must wither, removing the unripe berries and those not suitable for drying.

This long and patient activity is naturally an excellent opportunity to meet or meet people and exchange healthy and long chats. A well-tested group cooks good lunches in large pots, always appreciated by everyone.

Then there is a hard core of inveterate jokers who, after lunch and tastings of the wines of the House, cheer afternoon and evening with their best jokes and sketches. Even the children chasing each other happily amid that bustle, sometimes pursued in vain by apprehensive mothers, carry a happy and young note. And if it rains? Do not worry, big gazebos are always available: just stay a little closer and ... run between one drop and another.