La Corona

The vineyard is located in the territory of Tribulina, in the hills of Scanzorosciate, on the foothills of Alps Bergamo.

The place is pristine and the vineyard is surrounded by century-old woods where wildlife thrive in all types. The rocky terrain is ideal for the vines to accumulate during the day because the sun's heat at night and protect the roots from frost.

The steep slope, and the full southern exposure make sure that all the power of the sun is captured and enclosed in dark bunches of Muscat of Scanzo.

La Corona - Panoramica

In this environment, even the vintage with the participation of dozens of friends and family, becomes a ritual that revives the past. The grapes, after a long drying on racks, are pressed and the wine is aged for two years in a cool cellar carved into the rock before becoming

Muscat Scanzo better.

It is here that the Crown Farm, founded in 1995, but began producing the Muscatel Scanzo '80s, offers the chance to taste their wines.