Rosso della Trefaldina

The name of the red table wine "Rosso della Trefaldina" originates from the name of the locality where the Azienda Agricola "La Corona" is located.

The wine is produced with cabernet / merlot grapes. The grapes, once harvested, are immediately processed and after a week of fermentation together with the skins, it is pressed and the fermentation ends in the following weeks in steel tanks.

Once fermentation is complete, the wine is left to rest, in a suit and the other, in steel barrels for about 8 or 9 months. After this period it is bottled during the summer and ends in bottle aging for a couple of months. For the harvest of the following year, the wine is ready for consumption.


Vino da tavola rosso

Rosso della Trefaldina goes well with both meat (roasts and braised in particular) and hard cheeses and salami, obviously served at room temperature and, if possible, must be uncorked at least an hour before tasting to be able to breathe in the best of ways.

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