On 13 November at the elegant location of the Sofia pastry shop in Boltiere (Bg), a pleasant combination of food and wine was celebrated.

The protagonists of the evening are the delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes of the master pastry chef Omar Quadri, paired with wines from Paolo Russo's La Corona company located in Scanzorosciate.

All guided by the suggestions of the sommelier Elio Molteni who was able to transfer those "pills" of tasting and pairing, necessary for those present to grasp those nuances, not only of color, typical of the wines being tasted and the delicious dishes prepared with professionalism and love from the pastry chef.

Protagonists of the evening, the wines for tasting of the La Corona company, whose apex is represented by the Moscato di Scanzo which has achieved various awards (among these in 2016 from the prestigious Veronelli Guide) and the vegetarian and vegan dishes masterfully prepared by Omar.

Dishes of high gastronomic quality and refined presentation.

Thanks to the curiosity of those present, the evening was immediately transformed into an engaging moment of tasting and reflection on the proposed pairings.



The Sofia pastry shop, thanks to the innovative spirit of the owner and master pastry chef Omar, is always looking for new ideas for new flavors and new combinations. The dishes, served with simplicity and elegance in combination with the wines, were tasty and refined.

Three savory delicacies offered for tasting: a potato and mushroom pie, served in a rectangular white dish surrounded by a cloud egg mousse enriched with toasted almond flour, ricotta and spinach cannelloni, tasty but delicate, also served in a rectangular white plate, and the vegan braised meat lying on a round bed of buckwheat polenta, served in an intentionally round white plate.

Two delicious desserts offered for tasting: a crumble with apples, raisins and caramelized onions, enriched with thin layers of rolled chocolate and vanilla scintilly and a Sacker cake flanked by a stracciatella of cocoa cream under a half white chocolate egg and a fresh raspberry.



Wines for tasting:

Bianco della Trefaldina - A wine with a golden yellow color made from 100% yellow Moscato grapes. On the nose a delicate explosion of white flowers and fruits and a typical hint of yellow muscat but which surprises in the mouth for its freshness and elegance; in the mouth not the sweetness that one might expect from the olfactory analysis but a dry wine, with a good balance between softness and hardness.

A wine that was paired with the delicious potato and mushroom pie.

Rosso della Trefaldina - A wine with a ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections, obtained from 50% Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes respectively. On the nose a hint of red fruit, red flowers, with a softer blend than the classic Bordeaux blend. In the mouth, decisive and pleasant, with a good structure, with a herbaceous note as an aftertaste.

A wine that was paired with a tasty braised dish.

Moscatello della Trefaldina - A wine with a ruby ​​red color with purple reflections obtained from 100% non-dried Moscato di Scanzo grapes. Moscatello della Trefaldina is full and elegant. An explosion of red berry fruit on the nose, teased by light spicy notes and delicate vanilla, all with a slight reference to the Moscato di Scanzo grape variety.

In the mouth, with a good structure, intense and complex, balanced, with a velvety softness that contrasts with the good freshness typical of the berries of this native vine.

A wine that has been proposed in combination with the delicate cannelloni but also with the pie.

Moscato di Scanzo - The excellent wine of the La Corona company, is obtained from Moscato di Scanzo grapes with drying on racks for over 30 days. Intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections, the nose is intense and complex with hints of cherry in spirit accompanied by notes of cardamom and pepper, which alternate with nuances of vanilla; closing notes of dried roses and light ethereal returns in a result of total finesse. In the mouth it is pleasantly sweet but without excesses; a roundness and softness that are combined with a lower tone freshness and sapidity. The tannin is pleasant but not aggressive. Excellent persistence and finesse, all of which can be summarized in the classification of "harmonious wine".

The Moscato di Scanzo was ideally paired with the Sacher cake, but it also proved to be an excellent choice with the crumble with apples and chocolate flakes.

Moscato di Scanzo beer - Aromatic fruity and fresh craft beer produced with 15% Moscato di Scanzo must. The volume percent alcohol is 6.5%.



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